Open your inner ear

The sound of the gongs, tuning forks and Tibetan bowls is rich and multilayered, giving rise to many subtle frequency interactions.

Pulses in the low frequency range (4-8Hz) ease the brain down into a meditative state, and trigger entry into
hypnagogia, the transitional state between waking and sleep. This threshold is where the dream level and the conscious level of the mind interact. Usually this state is short-lived as we fall asleep or wake, but the sound of the bowls hold you there, giving rise to a wide variety of sensory and mental experiences.

Meditation requires no effort whatsoever - you are not trying to make anything happen or stop anything happening, you are merely paying attention to everything that rises up, either physically or mentally. Allow yourself to drift on the sound with no struggle or self-judgement. Watch whatever presents itself with a calm detachment. If you find you have drifted off into thought, just gently bring the attention back to the sound.

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